Conference Schedule

The Second CiNet Conference -- International Symposium on

Neural Mechanisms of Vision and Cognition


*Provisional Schedule (may be subject to change without notice)

Day 1: Monday, March 2, 2015

10:00-10:10 Opening Remarks

10:10-11:00 Shinji Nishimoto (NICT/CiNet): "Encoding and decoding: extending receptive field analysis to study natural vision"

11:00-11:50 Mike Menz (Stanford University): "Ultrasonic Neurostimulation in the Retina"

11:50-13:15  --- Lunch ---

13:15-14:05 Tadaharu Tsumoto (Riken BSI): "Awakening effects on visual responses of cortical neurons by cholinergic activation of inhibitory circuits"

14:05-14:55 Michael N. Shadlen (Columbia Univ./HHMI): "Believing and time: How the brain assigns confidence to a perceptual decision"

14:55-15:15 --- Coffee Break ---

15:15-16:05 Poster Session

16:05-16:15 Group Photo

16:15-17:05 Geoffrey M. Ghose (Univ. of Minnesota): "Physiological bases of selective attention"

17:05-17:55 Ichiro Fujita (Osaka Univ./CiNet): "One 3D visual world constructed by two eyes and two cortical pathways"

18:00~         ----- Evening Reception/Discussion -----

Day 2: Tuesday, March 3, 2015

10:10-11:00 Kaoru Amano (NICT/CiNet): "Toward the neural cause of human visual perception and behavior"

11:00-11:50 Christian Casanova (Université de Montréal): "Neural processing in the pulvinar and its contribution to transthalamic cortico-cortical communication"

11:50-13:15  --- Lunch ---

13:15-14:05 Keiji Tanaka (Riken BSI): "Functional division among prefrontal areas of macaque monkeys"

14:05-15:55 Ralph D. Freeman (UC Berkeley): "Neural-metabolic coupling in the central visual pathway"

14:55-15:15 --- Coffee Break ---

15:15-16:05 Justin L. Gardner (Stanford University): "From contrast adaptation to efficient selection"

16:05-16:55 Izumi Ohzawa (Osaka Univ./CiNet): "Analyses of filtering and pooling in the hierarchical network of the visual system"

16:55~      Closing