The Second CiNet Conference -- International Symposium on

Neural Mechanisms of Vision and Cognition


We have invited leading researchers in the area of vision and cognition for this international symposium.  Please join us!

Attendance is free, but pre-registration (deadline: Feb. 25) is requested to prepare for the conference -- Press the orange button below.

There is a free reception/discussion for participants in the evening of March 2. Everyone is welcome to attend.


March 2 ~ 3, 2015   (10 am ~ each day)


Center for Information and Neural Networks (CiNet) on Osaka University, Suita Campus

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Ralph Freeman (UC Berkeley)

Christian Casanova (Univ. de Montréal)

Justin Gardner (Stanford Univ.)

Geoff Ghose (Univ. of Minnesota)

Mike Menz (Stanford Univ.)

Mike Shadlen (Columbia Univ., HHMI)

Kaoru Amano (NICT/CiNet)

Ichiro Fujita (Osaka Univ./CiNet)

Shinji Nishimoto (NICT/CiNet)

Izumi Ohzawa (Osaka Univ./CiNet)

Keiji Tanaka (Riken BSI)

Tadaharu Tsumoto (Riken BSI)


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